say wha?

Let's just pretend I'm a jet setter and picked up a ticket to fly to New York for the weekend. Yeah. I'd find a cheap little pad in Brooklyn to crash and get up Sunday morning, grab a bagel and decaf, and skip on down the Bust Craftacular.

Oh yeah, I'd just take a change of clothes and toothbrush in my carry on, and an empty suitcase to check so I could fill it with my shopping exploits (because, as a jet setter, I'd be rich, right?) and leave straight from there to the airport to fly home and redecorate my entire country villa.

With what, you say? A little something from Blueberry Pancake, Brainstorm, Enfant Terrible (not sure if it's a girl, but hot damn that dress is cute. . . and I think a boy could wear the cap, too), MummySam, OrangyPorangy, Take Me Homeware and Cakehouse. As a proud owner of a Cakehouse pillow, let me tell you, her work is even more GORGEOUS in person!

Ok, so no big, fun, whirlwind trips and I don't usually check out the roster of shows so far away, but I was on flickr checking out {the always awesome} Giant Dwarf's photostream, when lo and behold, I saw this.

It made me wonder what could've won out over her work, so I checked it out. Yeah, there are some pretty incredible vendors at this year's Spring Craftacular, but. . .meh. There are quite a few weak links. Seems a golden opportunity (and by reading the comments, actually many opportunities) was missed.

Whattup hip ladies of Bust?

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