This is Granma, have I shown her to you before?
She's from the farm where I took the permaculture course.

I probably bonded with her too much, her face reminded me of The Sneak's, so she kept me comforted as my homesick feelings grew day by day. She seemed strong, and sensitive to the needs of people, but maybe I was just reading too much into things as my pangs worsened to go home.

Maybe it was just simply her name evoked the softness of my own Grandmom, mixed with her absolute strength in character and beliefs. Qualities I don't often recognize in myself.

But right now I'm inhaling strength, exhaling stress, and looking for possibilities.

* * *
I'm a firm believer in closing doors to open new ones, so one door to close is selling off the prints from the etsy shop. I've got random prints that never were listed, or last ones that were misplaced and found their way back into the files, so I'm going to get those together this weekend and . . . get ready for a ridiculous sale!

Small and Medium prints are $5, large prints and posters are $10.

If there's a print you wanted way back and couldn't afford it, or maybe one you thought was extinct, send me an email and I'll let you know if I have it, and I'll put it aside with your name on it.

Everything will be listed and on sale April 10, 2008. Stop by and buy!

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Chocolate and Steel said...

nice! Is this going to be in your Etsy shop? I always wanted the donkey:)