Fresher than the Farmer's Market. . .

Since I started outfitting myself yesterday, I figured adding another accessory to the imaginary shopping cart couldn't hurt (unless I end up buying something, then someone should virtually rap my knuckles.)
Today's Handmade Market seller is Nicole Lee Designs. The girl's got bags and buttons and brooches. . .who could ask for anything more? Oh, you want a shoulder bag with mod little scooters-a-scootin'? Nicole Lee has you covered! And if you want to be covered a little more modestly than with a sassy ring and a handbag, well, she's got some pretty hawt wrap skirts, too!

Me and C? We're sequestered to under lit rooms and glaring computer screens, getting the last of our prints printed and wrapped and ready for a packed house.
New ones you've never seen before (unless you follow us on flickr) and maybe even a few fresh new posters to fancy up your walls apr├Ęs spring cleaning! hmmmm?

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