Top Secret Secrets

Several weeks ago I showed you this drawing, and it never made it into the shop. Soon I'll have it as a download (I'm reworking some site design stuff so there will be a page of downloads, hooray!)
I still have 10 prints available--they're 4 x 6 (I believe--I'm not looking at them right now, so I'm not sure of the specifics) and decided to put them up in my secret shop!

Okay, so the set up is still a bit wonky, but I'm working it out.
Anyway, $8 + shipping + tax and this little hottie can be yours!

No, there won't be a lot of updates to the shop, and when there are products there, it will only be one or 2. Maybe if I find a stash of prints, I'll add them for a week at a time, but kids--this ain't no etsy. No pressure to stay on top of my game. No all new! All exciting! Daily Updates, get 'em while they're hot crap--It's just gonna be little bits of things that make me happy, and I want to share them and make you happy to.

Happy Wednesday from WatS! I think with all the smiling we've been doing over the past 24 hours, 2009 is gonna be good! What do you think? Are you grinning like a koala, too?


Erin Lang Norris said...

A secret shop?! Sweet!

I am in the process of cleaning up the Yellow Canoe studio area. I have so much extra inventory! For now I'm just going to set it aside and think about it later.

I think 2009 will be a great year! I just got a new {seasonal} job last night so I'm definitely off to a good start! It's great because it balances with my other seasonal job perfectly.

Jessie said...

ooohhhh. I love secrets!