Yesterday I heard an interview with Joan Baez on Here and Now. There was a moment where Robin Young explains how the Vietnam war drove a wedge between her and her US Marine father, and how when the truth came out about Nixon, he apologized to Robin for letting such a liar come between them. The story, as told in the interview, probably had fewer words than my recollection here, but my eyes welled up with tears. I was driving home from work feeling exceptionally goofy that a story on the radio could stir such emotion, when Joan Baez reacted with tears as well. Robin apologized for causing her to cry and Joan replied that it was okay, she lived her life that way.
And it was a moment, a quiet moment of realization that we should all live our lives so honestly, truthfully, and aware that tears are not a sign of vulnerability, simply a sign of being alive and feeling.
A small reminder, and in perfect timing with Thanksgiving. Take a moment to be thankful for yourself and for your feelings; self-acknowledgment is not the same as vanity.

Today on Modish I have a handful of yummy vegetarian options that have been fully tested in my own kitchen and approved by my personal meat-eating, picky eater of a main squeeze, Charlie. Get on over there and see what tickles your fancy!

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