Tomorrow the holiday season officially starts in Wolfie and the Sneak land!
We'll be off in Raleigh selling some of the new things that have been in the works most recently. So if you're in the area, stop by the Handmade Market and say hi! The Handmaidens are the bestest ever, and the Market is always so much fun!

Plus. . .we'll have the most unique gift wrap available this year. Whatd'ya think?
Ready for some Wolfie and the Sneak wrapping paper? 'Cause we have it in the store right now!

Today I'll be over on Modish, and next week the IndieNC blog will kick off!

Don't forget to send me your address if you want the free prints Jess and I made! That's her gorgeous hot air balloon below.
Because one can never have too many projects, my cohort in most Art Activism activities and I are making prayer flags to hang on Inauguration Day, send well wishes and personal hopes for the next 4 years out into the wind and on to Washington.

If you have something you want to say or a generally good vibe with your name on the flag, let me know and we'll include it in our installation.

Also of the current event/well-wishing sort: this flickr pool.


Curiosity Killed the Cat said...

i was wondering if you could help me . . . i'm trying to find somewhere to buy string like what is shown in the picture above. i know there are some sellers on etsy who sell it in little bundles but i'm looking for a big spool like what is shown. any ideas?

thank you and have a great & successful time in raleigh!!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Hi Curiosity--
I searched the internet for baker's twine, kitchen twine and butcher's twine then found the closest source to me--
wesellcoffee.com is where I found mine, but there are many many sources.
Since it's several pounds, shipping varies from place to place, which is why I looked for the closest place to me.
Good luck!

Erin Lang Norris said...

Love the wrapping paper! So pretty. :)