Oh boy, the mad dash for the holidays is upon us, and before you know it, we'll all be spending money to begift each other on Jesus' birthday. Who's excited!?!

I've actually started my shopping, and did a lot of it for Hi-C at the Curiosity Shoppe. I read Derek's and Lauren's DIY Wednesday posts on Design*Sponge pretty much religiously and their shop is a well-curated little world of wonders. When I saw the Ukulele Kit I knew one of those would be wrapped under our tree for a very special man commonly known as the love of my life. (Umm, no, he doesn't read this often, if ever.)

I also got a lot of goodies at the Handmade Market this past weekend. That was my one live appearance for the holidays, and it was a great one. The gals who put it together are SUPER but I'll save my purchases for sharing on this blog for another day this week.

Gift wrapping will be extra fun this year--aside from my own paper, I bought a HUGE roll of white butcher paper and 2 pounds of red and white twine. Less than $20 and I'll have gift wrap to last the next 10+ years.

Also, if you're a shop keep like me, you can ask all of your friends and family for those (usually) garish gift bags to reuse. Seriously! Collect all of them you can, and the next market you do you won't need to buy any bags. They'll get a little extra use on your end, before traveling to a new home where they'll (probably) get passed on down the line. Think of it as making extensive travel plans for that glittery gift bag.

I've talked tags before, and this year is no different. I spent yesterday in our cushy corduroy recliner making gift tags from the ever growing pile of bits left over from trimming prints and calendars. When I have a chance (this afternoon perhaps?), I'll get some pictures so you might glean some ideas for tags of your own.

What do you think, still a little early to be thinking about the holidays?

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Anonymous said...

here here for early shopping! i only hope that i can part with the fun things i bought at the handmade market last weekend. i'm going for a handmade holiday, yes sir.
(nice to meet you, too!)