I'm a pretty nosy person, so looking through the favorites of those who favorite me on etsy provides a whole lot of fun, and even more new favorites for myself.

Same goes for W&t S blogger followers; I was looking through the blogs of those who read this blog, and found Kaitlyn. You should read Things that come out of our mouths. There are some great posts about corporations, the environment, and general governance. Following through a chain of links starting with I found this: "____" will "_____" you.

Fun times!

Speaking of fun times, we watched Kung Fu Panda last night and it gave me nightmares, only increasing my ever-growing level of fatigue. A large part of me knows that it's time to give up caffeine again, a habit that exacerbates my propensity for anxiety, but also wonders how I'll keep going through the holidays without it. I can do it, I can do it. . .

In the meantime, somethings have to give. One of those things is the usual traveling every weekend to a show. I'm done with that for a while--at least until Spring. Perhaps longer. So with the first weekend off (I missed ICE, and when I say I missed it, I meant that in the duplicitous sense: I didn't make it, and I had a small yearning in my heart for it) I started catching up on projects that were long over due. I started reupholstering the recliner I bought Charlie last Christmas. Finished recovering a chair cushion for a chair we found on the side of the road at least 8 months ago.

Soon I'll reweave the seat and back for an old Elbert Wels Chair. If that goes well, I'll attack the other one--an eerily similar mid-century goodie of unknown origins (borrowed from my parents). Maybe I'll even finish the bathroom I started tiling 2 years ago.

But. . .that might be expecting too much. In the meantime, the living room is coming together. I'm just waiting on a rug from Crate and Barrel and we'll be ready for the big unveiling!

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