grubby little paws

Oh crap. Wiggly little furry puppies. Live. Streaming in on my computer. And all I want to do is snuggle with them and relish in the distinctive, heavenly smell of puppy paws.

Of course, that will make Wolfgang and Murray pretty sad. I'm sure the Sneak wouldn't stand for any more mammals in the house. So instead, I'll daydream about winning the November Modish giveaway! (that's the lovely picture chock full of goodness on the left)

On the right you see a whole bunch of things I love: gold and white bowl by up in the air somewhere; new to me old polaroid via eBay; some pastels that look incredibly saturated and sumptuous via dick blick; twist style ring (mine mine mine); heather smith jones pinhole drawing (also mine mine mine)


Jan said...

Love it all, but all I'm really thinking is, "PUPPIES!!!"

George and Scout will have no parts of it!

Stephanie said...

STOP IT! The puppies KILLL me!