a little debt relief for you

I think everyone that reads this blog commented yesterday, but in celebration of the end of my credit card debt, I'm giving away goodies all week long! If you commented yesterday, I'll be posting the winners all at the end of the week, and you can comment again, but please send your friends this way to comment, too!

So what is today's giveaway?
2 of these limited edition barnacle prints on lustrous photo paper. (An $18 value)

They're ready for a long stare-down as you escape into a Summer Daydream.

How can you win one of these? Tell me your favorite vacation on the cheap ideas. . .for my sanity, though, just don't use the word "stay-cation", k? That's one buzzword I just don't get.

Speaking of Giveaways, Jena posted the August giveaway on Modish. several hours later and she's already pushing 300+ comments. Whats up with that?? You can win one of my pieces there as part of that giveaway, too.
Jen also has a giveaway going on to celebrate the Indie Fixx 2nd Anniversary. She's got 2 prizes, so skedaddle on over there and wish her continued success, and enter to win some hand made goodies while keeping a steady budget.

* * * * *

Of course, being debt free doesn't mean it's time to quit working, so I have some new images to share with you! One from Charlie, and one from me!

Perhaps all the cooking and farmer's market talk has seeped in and spawned what will soon be the newest coloring book: Farms and Fonts.
There is likely little to connect the animal to the word, just a series of words I like, a lot of them are silly kids words that are innocent substitutes for cursing.

I just mailed off my pieces for Old School, and Janine has made a fun video to go along with the show (how cool is that??): Old School from UPPERCASE gallery on Vimeo.

And a random link of every day distraction:
Hello! You there! I like it. Passive aggressive in the time of technology.


Shanna said...

I'm going on vacation up to Maine and Montreal this week and the only reason I can afford it is because I use couchsurfing.com to find free lodging and fun new friends/tour guides!

Unknown said...

i totally didn't comment yesterday. i'm a jerk. and i DO read this blog. all the time!

we are going to have the most frugal trip up to chicago-- we should challenge ourselves and see just how little money we can spend! let's bring coolers of food and get creative!

sooo.... vacation on the cheap ideas......CAMPING. preferably somewhere where you don't have to pay for a campsite. The best part about camping (besides being out in nature, obviously) is that there aren't any stores or restaurants to tempt you! All you can do is admire trees and take photographs and wander around and cook over a campfire. It's the best. Ryan and I are already planning our soon-to-be-annual trip down to camp near Okefenokkee Swamp over Thanksgiving. SO FUN!!

lisa solomon said...

i didn't comment either yesterday, but...

congrats on debt free ness. that's huge!! :)

i'm sure you'll find a more inexpensive way to travel ....

Jan said...

Slacker commenter, too. I signed up for a CC in college b/c I wanted the Snickers bar they were giving out! Pathetic. It was 1990, and I immediately went out and charged a VCR so we could rent movies while we procrastinated our studies!!!!!!!!!! And beer, too! One thing led to another and I was $3000 in debt in 6 mos. MRFR. That was so long ago, but the scars lasted enough for me to make sure I didn't repeat it. Financial freedom is priceless.