tuesday the twenty second

This morning on my way to work, I caught an NPR story about the new Calder exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. With all the food talk seeping its way into this here blog, I thought it was most appropriate.

Alexander Calder, who lived from 1898 to 1976, liked to poke fun, too. In a clip from a 1950s TV program, an interviewer asked how the artist knew when a project was finished.

"When it's dinnertime," was Calder's laughing answer.

In addition to his delicate eye for design, Calder apparently had a forthright attitude and great sense of humor.

Yesterday was a rather slow day at the day job, so I did a little drawing. Actually a lot of drawing; pages and pages of sketches and lettering, with thoughts and plans for each. Then I got home and nothing worked like I'd envisioned. It made me a really crabby girl.

When Hi-C came home, I gave him fair enough warning of my ill-temperedness and he kindly let me be. Of the full day of working then art-working more (I know--whine whine whine), I finished up the first of a series free, down loadable recipe cards I'll have available as 4 to a page, 100% free printables. Here's the grand unveiling of the first: Helping Hands in the Kitchen.

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