matters of the heart

I've mentioned Puloverchito before, but his work is so relevant and beautiful. This (left) is an illustration for an upcoming magazine article on organ donation. It struck a cord this week: I found out a friend has bone cancer and another friend (a waitress at a regular haunt) had a scooter accident and died soon after. The flowers in this image and the message itself are just what I needed after all the heavy news around these parts. But at the same time, long lost friends have appeared again, and the sorrow becomes joy.
I hold onto things with a deep sentiment. It's not always healthy, and used to become a dark pit of depression. I'm learning how to control the deep depression, and appreciate the revolving door of interactions. It's the same with the little bits of waste that end up in my art. Beauty in the overlooked, just waiting for the day where it fits with something perfectly, not unlike love itself.

The image on the right (top image) is from Erin/Yellow Canoe. With all these comings and goings, the thought keeps running through my mind, "Won't you take your coat off and stay awhile?" Just for a brief pause, let's sit quietly and appreciate each other and be each others home for a moment.

So on the theme of old made new again,

this summer I will be in the Old School Show at the Uppercase Gallery. I'm thrilled to be in such excellent company as Abbey Hendrickson and, well, everyone else. I've been clicking on the links as time permits, and finding new and inspiring work each time.
Just as Sweet Jessie said, it's a little bit terrifying!

And they've had a William Shatner themed show. Which, in my book, is just about as cool as it gets. I love me some Shat.


Jessie said...

I Love that you love some Shat!

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

You're too sweet! I hadn't looked at the list and now I'm freaked out too. :) So sorry to hear about your sad news- thinking about you and sending good vibes your way.