Thoughts by the pound

Somehow, in between all of my interests, I find room for distraction.

The work of Puloverchito is so beautiful and poetic. Filled with daydreams and nurturing memories. His descriptions are largely in Portuguese, so I can't really understand them, but the littlest bits of English bring it all together.

This weekend was spent outside wrestling the roots of invasive plants out of the ground--getting rid of Nandina and ivy, as well as some vinca . Four days into it, I've filled the wheel barrow twice, and I'm 75% finished with a 16 square foot area. I'm working on a new bed comprised of drought tolerant plants and divisions from thriving plants around the yard. What went in as far as I can remember: Moss Phlox (division), daffodils (transplant), Wild Four O'clocks (purchase), Appar Blue Flax (purchase), and monkey grass (transplant). (All images except the daffodils via High Country Gardens.)

And in the veggie bed I put more plants down, just in time for the rain to come and clean the air of the thick expansion of pollen. The plantlets are probably in the midst of some sort of celebration akin to a 3 kegger, having been denied any deep drinks lately.

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