It should get up into the 70s today, but that has nothing to do with this post

I've got some new prints for sale at Modishoppe, all priced between $15 and $25!

Gooder'n stuff:
As homemade as possible (for now), one of the veggie burgers from the literal pile I made on Sunday: its a lentil/zucchini/carrot/olive/mushroom burger on a made from scratch yeast roll. If my mustard seeds would ever sprout (and go to seed!) maybe I could add homemade mustard to the list. Dang, should've opened a jar of pickles from last season.

Vintage Chica's new bi-fold door raised beds. Eren also pointed me towards the fantastic Terrariums Flickr Pool (which was started by the equally amazing k8tron)

Jess' Indie is the New Green posts over at Indie Fixx.

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Unknown said...

thanks for the link!
those veggie burgers look scrumptious...!