remember your R-ses

Ever since "the great house hunt of '08" started, we've been repeating the mantra "What do we have at home that we could use instead?"
The beauty of that phrase is that it has inspired us to use up the food in the fridge, too!
Lately we've been digging through mysterious odd packages in the freezer, coming up with random dinners of frozen lima beans, fried okra, 2 1/2 vegetarian chicken nuggets, and Texas Toast. It's interesting to see the stock pile of frozen veggies dwindle, ready to make room for the crops beginning their new lives from seed as I type.
But this (this giant image above) is another plan for promoting the use (and reuse) of resources.
It's a stamp I've designed to sell in person at shows, and will be keeping one for use at work!

I think it'll be the perfect statement for reused packaging, the backs of reused paper. . .well, for pretty much any porous surface that has a little extra life left in it.


Anonymous said...

love it! what a fantastic idea. save one for me! i'll scoop it up and use it all the time!!

Jaime said...

i want one for the shop!!

Jan said...

Love it!!!