dirty soap

see that package to the right? it's from a bar of soap now in my shower. It has a nice little ingredients list, a little seal saying they donate a certain percentage of profits to the World Wildlife Foundation, nothing touting organic, but a whole lot of "pure and natural" all over the place. In fact, the name of the company that seems to make the soap is Pure and Natural. Until you look it up and realize this "not tested on animals" seemingly responsible soap is made by animal testing giant Dial Corporation.
I thought it looked familiar and okay, then I realized when I got home that it looked okay because it looks. just. like. Pangea Soap's packaging. Wha huh? You can't use green and yellow because MiracleGro will sue the pants off you, but the big guy can dupe the little guy?

I've posted nearly identical info previously, but here's a tidy little chart (click on the pic to see it full size) via my friend Tess, via Heather Ink, via Good Magazine.

One more example of the "Hot Topic" style commodification of progressive culture. Come on guys, all you're doing is dirtying up your names by seeming to "come clean."

Off my soapbox (and through with my dirty puns for today).

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threestonesteps said...

why is it just SO HARD to be green and responsible as a shopper? oh, my, far too early in the a.m. to be thinking such depressing thoughts.

but, glad you're spreading the word!