Today is the Day!

Today is the day folks!
Wolfie and the Sneak are hosting a One-day market to benefit the Sierra Club (you'll find it all set up and ready for your perusal at : http://sk8ordiehard.etsy.com ).

Why would we do such a thing??

Well, in 5 short days, the US will vote whether to place land up for lease for oil drilling in the Chuckchi Sea, and, well, we kinda like the polar bears up there, want them to feel at home and not too threatened. The Sierra Club has been working extra hard to get the word out while the rest of the world focuses on the newest Spears Sister debacle and the Primaries. We sure do thank 'em for it.

So here's your chance to buy your sweetie's Valentine's Day present, or just a little something for yourself. You'll find wearable goodies ("Hung Over" eye quilt, anyone?) to fine art to satisfy every style in all price ranges.

So we hope you'll stop by, take a gander, and buy a little something. And although we can't really guarantee what a polar bear roaring really means, we sure like to think they're yelling out at great big ol' thank you.

Bear Hugs and Puppy Kisses,
Renee, Charlie, Wolfie and the Sneak

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Unknown said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I hope it goes well. You gathered some really great items. :)

And yes, it was so cool to have my work on Dear Ada- yay!