Looking for room to breathe. . .

Hmm, have I talked about the issues we've been having with kids cutting through the yard, making the dogs bark at them and subsequently making one terribly grouchy neighbor neighbor bark at us?

Well, the town home owners voted to put up a fence connecting their fencing to ours, totally covering the expenses.


Then, one day, we came home to this vinyl monstrosity. If you look closely enough you can see they moved some of my planters out of the way, since this fence blocks off the shade garden I planted last summer. Behind door number one: all of the ferns I planted, as well as a very expensive, hard to find, beautifully colored hellebore. The thin red line you see is what is approximately the property line. I guess the property manager has a different definition of "a little", as in, "The fence will encroach on the property line a little, but not much."

In stealing the words of aforementioned grouchy neighbor, "I don't want to be a bitch, but. . ."

Hey guys, can I at least get my hellebore back? I bet it got stomped to all hell by the contractors. Cripes, I'm ready to move to the country.

Speaking of which [drum roll] we are now looking at houses that will remove us from the insanity of snotty headedness.


Amy Urquhart said...

Wooooo, exciting! Sorry about your hellebore, that totally sucks.


Unknown said...

Just a word of warning: I do live in the country and having had a neighbor and a property line issue myself. Believe me, I feel your pain. Do try and get your Hellebore back because even if it survived the tromping it's not going to get the love and attention it desires on that side of the fence.

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

We used to have a neighbor who would say, "Not to be a bitch, but..." and I would always think, "but you're going to be". Good luck with your neighbor situation!

Kristi said...

I love that blue vase it looks so pretty with the light hitting it.

Sorry about the property issues.

Anonymous said...

As a gal who lived most of her life just a stone's throw from the ocean's edge, I am now also living in 'snotty headedness', and cannot wait to make it otherwise. I hope you find a place you love!