resume normalcy with hope

Ah, new beginnings and the beautification of old ghosts.

We had a lose-my-faith-in-humanity experience several days ago, which left me feeling very disrupted. Faith is a difficult concept, not one I talk about, and especially not a concept for this blog, BUT I will say that I need to believe in the innate goodness of humankind.

So after this disruption, which actually left me feeling better about people (hooray!), I painted on this beast of a painting. It hangs in all of it's 4' x 5' glory in the living room, has been there for 5 years now (wow!) and has been reincarnated many many times. With each new face a new story. The angel-figure is not really an interesting subject, the content isn't very challenging, so perhaps it is the meditative act of working on such a large surface, but the latest appointment with this piece left me crying on Charlie's shoulder.
But boy, did I feel better, and the painting seems to be enjoying it's newest coat.


Rui Sousa said...

Great, nice illustration!
keep on the good work.

studio lolo said...

It's nice to hear that your faith in humanity has been restored! I also like knowing that you've lived with this angel for 5 years and that he keeps evolving with you :)