I'm sorry for the recent distractions, keeping me away from this blog.

I've been busy absorbing other blogs, keeping me from this one.

Daydreaming of home ownership.
painting. painting. painting, with a dab of drawing thrown in for healthy measure.

Drooling, drooling, drooling, with a dab of buying thrown in for healthy measure.

and digging through my soul. It's a strange time for me, I haven't been "productive". In case you haven't noticed, I've become more and more unsure of myself, constantly questioning and gathering, so at some point all the questioning had to turn into an answer, right?

Well, the answer is. . .time. not so deep, after all.
So I've forced some rules on myself, mostly with a one year stipulation.
Not resolutions (great how this realization coincides with the new year, right?) but as a timing belt. One revolution per year, with quarterly tune ups.

Am I being too cryptic?
In one year, Hi-C and I will find a house to buy, or land. . .but in one year we will buy a plot to plant ourselves. In the meantime, we will focus on saving $$ and also creating healthy habits.
It's a liberating thought/feeling to act towards the moment and the future.

I'm painting in the same manner. I'm making work right now just for the process. I may try to sell them eventually, I may not. I may show them, I may not.
But you know what's best about that? Several of these pieces are one year pieces. One layer a day for one year, and I love this feeling of restraint, resisting the hurry (and pacing the inspiration) and letting go of the control. I have no perception of what these will look like in a year, but I'll force myself through the weeks where I don't want to touch art. I'll savor the moments where all I want to do is dabble in paint, because there is such a limited amount of time you can invest in one layer.

so good. feels so good.

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when skies are grey said...

isn't drawing so much harder than painting?! I'm feelin' you with your thoughts, I've been blog absorbing this week as well, need to get back into my dreaded big painting. I had been dreaming of home ownership for so long, finally got it this year. It's fun to make an "idea book" with sections for future house ideas, paintings, etc....I'm sure you already do :)