Does anyone else feel bothered by this cover?? Why do I feel like Paris Hilton is staring at me?

Okay, so back to the "If you like. . .., you'll really love. . .. "

If you like a bright and cheery desk (see left, 3-M brand post it notes) then you'll (REALLY) love boygirlparty's notepads (see right)
If you like Tord Boontje's work (remember the special guest Target designer everyone loooooved last year around the holiday season?; black and white image on right) then fall in love with Rob Ryan's (red and white image on left) work, then clickity click through his etsy shop an swoon!
And, finally, for today's installment, if you like Crate and Barrel's birch bark candles, perhaps you'll love the longer lasting birch bark picture frames from Annemarie Sandstrom's etsy shop!

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Annemarie said...

I was a bit bored (waiting for midnight as it is New Year's Eve)and googled my name. Lo and behold, your blog reference comes up showing my birchbark frame! Thank you for your plug! I am bookmarking your site, I love it.
Thanks again :)
Annemarie Sandstrom