eye candy instead of door to door begging for sweets

I don't have any scary stories to share, but Happy Halloween folks!
We never really celebrated Halloween, well we did until I was about 5 or 6, after that the tradition was to go to a French bakery up the street and we each got to pick out a pastry (probably the few times in my life I've had eclairs!) instead of knocking on neighbor's doors filling a bag full of candy.

My other memory of Halloween is from several years ago, going to a party (not dressed up. . . despite any creativity I have, I never can come up with a good costume. Perhaps due to the lack of childhood Halloween reverie?) and seeing a friend and her fiance there together. She was dressed up as a suicidal bride. He didn't seem to get the hint.

I apologize for the lack of spirit (pun intended)! And, well, aside from working today, the news is quite limited. The calendars will be shipping tomorrow, though! Once they start shipping, the cost will be $30, which is still quite a bargain for 12 limited edition prints, if you don't mind me saying!

Also, 3 days until the Handmade Market. If you are within driving distance and you don't go, you should be ashamed. Not only did I have a blast at their spring show, the work was irresistibly good, and I have a feeling this time will be no different.

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