sometimes I'm petty. . .hitting publish anyway

sometimes I throw temper tantrums. ones of the 3 year old, I don't want to go to bed sort. usually they are work related, but thrown in the general direction of my very sweet partner, the mr.
sometimes I wish health insurance weren't a necessity. (one that, unfortunately, this country seems to think is a luxury?!?)
sometimes I feel pregnant with art, but nothing comes out. those are the bad tantrums because it almost hurts. I think it really just hurts my ego though that something is in there and I can't express it.
do you see the tired-eyed lady in the upper left? that's me.
and this week I'm wishing for all of these things super hard.

that and petitioning fashion magazines to promote puffy, baggy eyes as the next big thing.

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lisa solomon said...

doesn't sound petty. sounds human. may you get some rest and recharge!