Okay, so I've been posting a lot of shopping things, mostly because this 90+ degree Fahrenheit weather has me on the sluggish, you-can't-make-me-do-anything side.
I've been doing a little, though:
* Drawing up a storm, getting ready to release a whole new selection of work for the shop.
* Did I mention all of the limited edition pieces currently in the shop will be retired after the
sale ends? That's my subtle way of saying, if you're eying something the time is now to
grab it up!
* Helping the mister clean out the old carport area that has been without a roof for over 15
years (since Hurricane Hugo!) and roofing it in. He started on Monday doing the actual
framing and roof trusses, and once I thought a little about it, I decided I really wanted to help, so I jumped on the circular saw and cut the 2 x 4s like a pro. (Almost?)
Once the roof is done, he's gonna build a sail boat! That guy never ceases to surprise!
And then, of course, the usual suspects: planting, picking, blanching, canning.
Coming soon:
Tomato tasting, updates on roofing, and achy arms.

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