Meme: Seven Random Garden Facts

Back in town, and I was tagged by Hannamyluv for a Seven Random Garden Facts meme. Thank you so much for the honor, Hanna, first I want to thank the Academy. And my family. And God for making the gardens for me to . . . oh. Ahem. I've never been tagged before (except the kick me tags in school, perhaps. So I might stumble through this). But, back to business:

1. Sometimes I get distracted by life and I forget my houseplants. So they die. And I feel the guilt of a thousand mothers, then I remember these are the exact reasons I'll never have kids.

2. I have another guilty feeling that springs from using a soaker hose on a timer in the veggie garden this year. None of that scrumptious meditational time to myself to water and watch the growing things. I just reap the rewards. It doesn't exactly feel fair.

3. Neither does buying a full grown plant and appreciating it's beauty. I like to see the growth, evolution and success of a seedling, or at least a rescued little pitiful plant found on clearance for pennies. (Perhaps this explains #1?)

4. I am a failure with orchids. However, the plants that get attention stick with me, some have made it through the catastrophic era known simply as "My Early College Years."

5. I mostly garden as a way to connect with a grandmother I never really knew. She put a lot of love into the yard of our house (her house before she passed away, which was when I was 3). It's a creative form of honor and appreciation, at least for me, she may not even care!

6. I have plastic nativity people in my yard and I see no difference in them and the resin Buddhas and saint statues other people use. I do think mine are prettier, the mister tends to disagree on this point.

7. I know how to make a proper tomato sandwich, and it starts in my backyard. I think that is just perfect.


Anonymous said...

I love that I can "hear" your voice now when I read your blog.

Sorry we didn't get to say bye in Chicago, but it was really fun hanging out with you in person. I hope we can do it again sometime. :)

Hanna said...

I hope you had lots of fun on your trip!

These are really cool random facts. I always imagine that your garden is just crazy cool. :)