Hello Lazy Saturday

Oh lazy Saturdays with built-in caffeine overload. How I relish you. How I love the farmer's market and the extra time to create an inspired breakfast.
This isn't today's breakfast, I'm still working on the coffee, this is last Saturday's, and boy was it good. Organic, hormone free and delicious.

Does anyone else find it a little funny that you can look at a plate of food in awe when it doesn't have layers of pesticide or fake pregnancy hormones?

PS: In the background there is a bag from last weekend's farmer's market full of cucumbers. Those little fellas didn't make it through the week. They are now 14 jars of pickles, enough pickles for a year for us, a few for gifts, and just enough left over that I'll make relish for all the potato salad and egg salad we'll make over the next year.

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Amy Urquhart said...

Post your pickle recipe?