Blogher Buggah

Since the days of Blogher 2007 are coming quickly, it seems we all have haircuts in common. No shaggy ladies in Chicago this week!
Check out some of these pics that make me feel like I'm going to Senior Week in Mexico rather than to a bloggy geek out!
Gleaning some great info from comments on Oh Joy!

Wondering how little spending money I can take. The 16 hours less per paycheck has seriously dented my spending money. I have 2 new Will Shortz sudoku books that were $1 a piece at Roses.
That and some reimbursements due to extremely understanding customers and extremely rough handling by shipping personnel. Grrr, but then again, it's all part of the game of running a business, isn't it?

However, despite being so poor, I vote we all go bowling one night! (I know there is little relevance between bowling and blogher. . .I've just been on a bowling kick lately and I wanted to fit it in somewhere.)

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