Bleary, weary traveller

Before I left for Chicago I was pumped, ready to draw, create. . . whatever the city inspired of me. I went prepared, but came home with nothing new (well, except for all the conference schwag, which was pretty cool for the most part). No new pieces, no newly coagulated thoughts on subject matter.
No new language to work with and language was mostly what I expected to bring home.
I feel empty headed and tired, maybe there is something coming through the fog of fatigue.

Not yet, at least. But if nothing else, I know it's time to reach out towards the quiet and appreciate the subtleties.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously ... I cannot BELIEVE I didn't get to meet you. You were on my "list" of people I wanted to meet. *weep*

I wish everyone had walked around with their blog names on their FOREHEADS to make it more obvious.