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Something's Hiding in Here has an etsy shop! And the word on the street is they'll have those lust-worthy wishbones sometime in July. Please ignore my loud, rapidly tapping feet, I'm trying to wait patiently but they've invaded my head!

Just last night, mid-Boston Legal, I blurted out Denny Crane is the only tolerable Republican I've ever met. Then I proceeded to take that back and list the other tolerable Republicans I've met, most of whom I'm related to. So I followed it up with an, "I'd like to party with that guy." Which adds William Shatner to a list of people I'd like to meet that includes They Might Be Giants, Steve Martin, Will Oldham, Maya Lin, and a few others. A very few others. If you adore the venerable Mr. Shatner as I do, you gotta check out The Shatner Show's website. If you can't make it to the show, they have a book, too!

There is another polka dotted painting in the shop. This one is my favorite so far (if I may say so!) I love the subtleties in the paint on the rhino's body. I'd forgotten how much I love paint!

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