The squash is coming, the squash is coming!!

Ahhh, Summer is here. Now that it's officially tourist season at the NC beaches and the weather is regularly hitting the 90-somethings, I'll call it Summer. No more denying the season, calling the Spring an unusually hot one. It's Summer.
Soon we'll be eating squash and tomatoes twice a day until September.
Although you can't tell it from the picture, one of our squash plants seems to mostly produce conjoined twins. Interesting, no?

The fuchsia on the back steps seems irritable with the weather, wanting cooler temps and regular mistings.

While the kitchen is patiently awaiting the inspired meals certain to come. See that mixer? It's a 1954 (I think) Sunbeam Mixmaster, with the power to grind meat, juice, mash, mix and knead. That's my second one, the first was $6 at a thrift shop. I stupidly put it down halfway off the counter and it fell on the handle, which broke off. While looking for a replacement handle via eBay, I found this one for $19 with the milkglass bowl and juicer attachment. The first one went back to the thrift shop. I hope someone else discovers the glory of these mixers. If something ever happens to it, it definitely fits into the "worthwhile to fix" category for home goods.
As Jennifer commented to yesterday's post, "I think of those one-time appliance purchases my parents made and how those things (1) lasted a lifetime and (2) could certainly be repaired if necessary. I remember the local "fix-it" shops where you'd take your iron or vacuum cleaner or blender for repair.... Sigh. And I'm not even a million years old!"
Do these places still exist?? Does anybody out there know?


Anonymous said...

I planted some squash earlier this year and they are finally starting to show, my camera is kind of crummy and won't get a good picture! But I will try again!
So you will be I.C.E. this weekend!!

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

I will be at ICE!! I'm very excited, too! I haven't been to Atlanta in years, even though it's not too far of a drive.
Our squash are still pretty small, despite the fact that they're already producing squash. I'm pretty amazed!