*falling over exhaustion*

What a wonderful and busy weekend! Okay, the sale didn't go very well for me, but I met so many wonderful people! Amanda, Emily, Garland, Neesy, Teraysa, their respective significant others, Sandy, and some incredibly cool people at a little (BIG) baby shower/keg party Saturday night.

All this activity left me with several pieces of luggage (too large to be called bags!) under each eye this morning. Ugh. . .

Here are some of my favorite Monday Morning inspirations:

Frederic Terrell's Grow Poster ($14.95) is hot of the press (well, wet off the screenprint?) and one is heading my way for the bedroom. His Focus print is also heading my way, but for the studio, 'cause I'm the worst at staying focused. If nothing else, I can just stare off into it's beauty. Heart Girl by Sara Turner is also heading my way (from Cricket Press). I know I've shown this one before, but I still love it x number of months later, so I felt pretty good about loving it forever and ever. There is one more available, but I can't imagine it won't get grabbed up super quickly.

The Charlotte Craft Mafia tents at Art & Soul were parked right outside the American Apparel shop. Not good for a low-profit show (me, i think everyone else did better!) but Neesy got their Interlock Skirt because jeans were not working with the 80-something degree weather. Friggin' cute. I tried to get the mister to get me one, since I wasn't bringing in any money, but he didn't take his wallet.
Now if only these guys would expand beyond tees!

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Neesy said...

haha, I heart my skirt! I slept in it I'm wearing it today! lol I'm soooo dirty!!! jk!