Get Small

I loooove how small the world is, and how it seems to just get smaller and smaller, thanks to the internet! Perhaps this inspired the small drawings I worked on all weekend?? Some of them are above, I did maybe 8 or so, all less than 4 inches tall.

So why do I say the world is getting smaller? Look at all the wonderfully talented artists and craftspeople nearby in the state of North Carolina! So much talent!

Ashley White Jacobsen
Duy Huynh
Jimmy O'Neal
Jon Knox Griffin (Hello Brute)
Kiona (Lucky Accessories)
Kristen (Moodswing Studio)
Lois Peterson (It's By Design)
Made By Tess
Mary Tuma (this isn't her website, but it shows some work)
Michelle Smith
Neesy Pea (Heyday Fashion)
Rachel Gailor (Argie)
Sandy Snead (Adorn)
Shari (The Glass Doorknob)
Tammie? (Head Full of Pixies)
Tracey Moore (Traceybelt)

Charlotte Craft Mafia
The Handmaidens

That's a lot of eye candy for you right now! And if you want your name added to the list, just comment below!

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