Here' s a little montage to keep me on track and fill you in with the direction of the bedroom:

Taryn asked when the big unveiling will be. I'd been thinking we were actually months away from a finished room since 8 x 10 rugs are a sizable investment. I'm still practicing buying for the future rather than temporarily appeasing desire, so I had durability and design in mind while pricing said rugs.

Then Chiasso announced a sale! One of the rugs I'd originally looked at was marked 75% off. What does that mean? The 8 x 10 is now less than $100, and after adding shipping I scored a $400 rug for just below $150!

I should get it Friday or Monday. Either way, the bedroom will be well on its way to being complete and cozy by a week from now!

Now to wax romantic: I'm a sucker for well thought out dates, cuddling on the couch, and random surprise flower. I'm never big on Valentine's day and I think a lot of the consumer - romance - traps are wretched. Yesterday, though, my honey came home from work and brought me a Diet 7-Up (my favorite!) and a heart shaped Snickers. Such a sweet (no pun intended) and unassuming surprise!

For tasteful lover-lovely goods, these plates are from Chiasso, and Modish has the most incredible list of V-Day cards!

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