Gifts for Everyone!!

Between the baking, crafting, art making, and minimal gift buying I am behind. Oh, and that didn't even consider the 3 consecutive nights of Holiday Parties. As my local friends know, I am not an outwardly social person, so not only does the late bedtime set me back but the events themselves are draining. Of course, that doesn't mean they're not fun, they just have their wear on me.
This morning someone could swing like Tarzan from the bags under my eyes, and that's only after the first night of said parties.
All whining aside, I'm taking the easy way out and the next couple days I'll be posting printable calendar images, though not in order. They are 8 1/2 x 11, so normal printer size, though chances are good that if we speak on a regular basis you will be receiving one for Christmas, so don't print one. Just click on the month you want to print and it will take you to the large version of the image on flickr. I'm not too sure if you can print directly from there or if you have to save it to your computer, but you Sorry to ruin the surprise. I think I need a vat of coffee.

I linked the calendar pages to the "large" size in flickr. This is adequate for printing, however if you download to print and have a fast enough computer to not take ages to download, the "original" size is a much higher quality resolution and image.

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