Slovenly Chic?

You know the deal, November gets here and we all start thinking about food. The buzzword around the office today is "diet" usually coupled with gym membership. Part of me thinks, "Well, it's natural to bulk up for the winter. Most animals do, don't they?" I guess that's why the down coat was invented, warmth to prevent unhealthy diets. Ugh.

The reality is, and has been in all of my previous relationships, I stay thinner when I am single. Not because I am out to hook someone, or stare in the mirror longing to be lithe, but because I have to do it all myself, then. And I do a lot, I'm an antsy pants. But when I'm happily coupled, I have a person to share the errands and to cuddle with on the couch. Usually cuddling involves some snacking, imbibing, and general laziness, which coincidentally replaces yoga time.

Or we will often eat out. So many factors play into it, including the 2 years of 8-hour-a-day-sitting in front of a computer. So, here I am, 10 months after the wedding day(s) and 20 pounds bigger than I've been in 10 years. Crap. With Thanksgiving around the corner, Christmas and New Years rapidly approaching, and no gym membership in sight I have to have a plan.

Not fitting into my super cute bright red Benetton pants is one thing (that one thing we'll call "slightly upsetting"), having very few work clothes that fit is another ("upsetting"), but when I barely, and probably not very attractively, fit my Marc Jacobs splurge skirt from last year, well, lets just say the battle is on. The $200 skirt, mind you, is actually more expensive than the sum I spent on all of the room decor in my dining room. No joke, and I am vowing today that it will last me longer than one season. If I vow for the healthy weight loss rate of 2 pounds a week, I feel confident it will fit decently again. I will do it, and I will do it for Marc.

On the downside, there is a huge birthday cake taunting me in the common kitchen, who dares have a birthday this time of year?!?


Anonymous said...

do you have a cute picture of you in that marc jacobs skirt [which must be adorable] to put up as incentive??


Anonymous said...

Do you know anyone in weight watchers? Ask them to photocopy the point list for ya - I swear it works. I seriously don't recommend my "broken leg" diet - although most of the weight is still off.

Wolfie and the Sneak said...

errr, yeah. I know someone on weight watchers. . . me. i did really well the first couple weeks, and then back slid.

and tonight Charlie brought home chinese food for dinner. Fried tofu definitely doesn't count as diet food.

Thanks for the support. You're both awesome!