She had me at "You grow"

If I had only seen these earlier I wouldn't have been making my own tags. There is still time to order them along with your very own I [heart] dirt tee from SUPERfantastico (which really is more super than the rest). It is, after all, perfectly acceptable to buy gifts for yourself!

Thank you Domicile, for showing me the

Of course you'll have to get some extra little cuties as gifts for festive party hosts, like Lil' Luchador Buttons and Stationary. Dare I point out how well-coordinated they are with the tags?!?

And on another buying gifts for yourself note, I haven't asked for the Gayla Trail's You Grow Girl Calendar for Christmas. Why, you gasp? I plan to start the new year off on an amazingly well-organized right foot, and hoping someone will buy it for me is just plain risky. The book is incredibly helpful, and referenced year round, so an accompanying calendar is just the icing on the cake. With tips for gardening month-by-month? She had me at "You grow."

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