playing ketchup

call me a sqooshed tomato. . . i gots a lot of catching up to do.

1) a huge box of mail to send out. that means if you're I'll be battling the post Thanksgiving post office lines to get your goodies out. several of them are long overdue. i'm so sorry.

2) it's raining here. it has been for 24-hours or so. it is also cold. artists f and r (r would be me!) are planning a holiday installation on friday. the forecast says sun, r has a dismal sense of trust in the forecast. this is not an installation that should wait, it involves some of the emergency blanket donations. r needs to plan for plan b.

3) r also has presents to make, art to make, and books to read. holiday greetings to send (this overlaps with #1), and down time for the mysterious past time called "vegging." r wants more time. r also wants more glue sticks and memo pads here at work, but thinks if someone discovers her whiling away the hours, she might not be so thankful tomorrow.

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