Just in case you're in the market for an ultra cheap toss pillow. . . I've posted a couple on etsy! And maybe if you're not in the market for one, but you want to buy a little something cute for that always so sweet best friend of yours, they make great gifts for no special occasion!

The table is all cleaned up and set up in the small nook with the china hutch. Now we just need new chairs that fit the style of the other 2 pieces. Less than $180 a chair, I'm thinking, considering the table was $25 and the hutch $100, a more expensive chair seems quite worth it. Any ideas out there?? I love the Bertoia side chair (left, wire chair) but they are out of my league...wayyyyy out of my league. Then, at the other end of the spectrum, are the Lily chairs from CB2. Very cute and oh so affordable! I wonder how they'd hold up to a raucous wine and dinner gathering, and if they'd look insubstantial next to our very hefty table?

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