where we may be standing for the next several weeks

Between preparing for a craft show, preparing my resume to apply for a job, canning before the fresh fruits and veggies go bad, and allowing myself to enjoy life a little bit, the house got no love this weekend. For those of you who have never been to my house, there are many an unfinished project right now. These are projects I began about a year ago, as the weather eased into chilly and the garden was, once again, put to rest.
This year there is no rest for the garden, but these house projects WILL BE FINISHED. (Is this just another manic Monday?) The stairs have been stripped and revarnished but the walls are mid-painted. The half-finished job is the very same green we used on the bed, but incredibly uninspiring on the stairs. It seems the motivation followed me up the stairs to the bathroom, where the floor is mostly tiled and grouted, but little patches here and there await my return.
I must say, now that the bedroom is in a smaller, cozier room we have kept the clutter out. Though. . . it has only been a week, there is still a lifetime of clutter awaiting that room. It is really peaceful so far; just the bed, a dresser, 2 end tables, and my plant stand/grow-op stuffed to the gills.
The old bedroom was large and long, something like 10 feet by 25 feet and very well lit with natural light (as seen in the pic above, that is about half the length of the room). There are two doors in that room, the main door and one that connects to another bedroom. The second door is on one of the short walls, making the useful space fairly awkward. Now CharlieƂ’s photography backdrop covers the door with a small walkway if one is so inclined to use that door. The connecting bedroom is the office and sewing room.
2500 square feet and we have it stuffed with. . .Stuuuuuuuufffffff.
The moral of this story, ignore feng shui. See how your house flows, blow superstition to the wind (or toss it over your left shoulder with a grain of salt) and set it up with comfort in mind.

Oh, and here is a taste of the coloring book project:

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