Tis the season. . .

Okay, so I'm still posting about my Summer Garden Exploits,
just getting a bit of a nibble for the fall crops and I'm already
talking about Christmas?!?

Well, once again I'm braving the world of crafts, tiptoeing the line of hipness, I know. (At least I keep making stuff!) I have a vision and hope that one day all the renegade crafters out there will break free from the grasps of titles and cliques, and join me in the world of "traditional" craft fairs. I think it would produce a more diverse crowd and keep the interest alive. Sort of to carry on tradition along with some of the more innovative and popular crafts. If you come out and see me, I just may have a little something for you! You just gotta remind me that you've been reading this blog.
Most exciting, Charlie will have a photography booth this year. I really love his work, and photography is hard for me to get into. I am really interested in documentation, so photos seem like they would be a natural fit, but most of the time it doesn't get me as excited as other mediums. When my fella does it, though, I get it. Maybe I'm partial, but I'm excited that he is going to try it!

So I'll say it again, Come on out!
Here is a coupon.

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