Does anybody
know about Boras Wafveri textiles from Sweden? I am very much in love with their fabrics but I can't find a seller. Grrr. I bought some drapes for the bedroom on eBay, vintage Wafveri, found their website, absolutely flipped over the fruit print and another black and beige print, and had my hear crushed by Google, who can't seem to point me in the direction of a seller. Oh so very Scandinavian, my new curtains will be the perfect backdrop to another eBay purchase: a vintage, but what I suspect is a knock-off, Wegner/Mollar Rope Chair.

And just because I like to point out similarities in a sort of chicken or the egg fashion. . .

a Waverly print from their
Harmonics collection(right)
and Jonathan Adler's intensely
Scandinavian inspired pillows (left).
Please don't think I pick on Adler, though.
His images are strinking, but the
older stuff is always more in my price range. Maybe I rationalize my "vintage" style through authenticity?

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