I realize I'm running out of room for proper "buttons" on the side, and don't want to start that way long list of links I love quite yet.
However, if you are ready to commit to a piece of art, start that new collection, and buy from someone as an investment rather than to temporarily match a piece to the new throw pillows, visit GALLER|b first. There you will find artists and great advice on how to make your descision. It is all spelled out for you. If only all aspects of home life were so easy!
I was looking through the links on decor8, found Holly's Plate, and found Holly's husband's blog linked to her. And that is GALLER|b. That is also why I'm not quite ready to start the long (and ever-growing-longer) list of links for the sidebar yet.

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Ed said...

Thanks for the link! I just got back into the country a week or so ago, and was checking links and referrals and your site came up.

You're the first (not including my wife's blog (holly's plate)! So, I've added you to my link list.

Thanks for the write-up!