"Have nothing in your
houses that you do not
know to be useful, or
believe to be

That still allows room for clutter. There are, after all, many many beautiful things in this world. An urge I will fight. But I will tell you what, with the beauty of the shelves from West Elm (yay! They arrived yesterday!!) it will be easy not to stuff them to the gills. They are hefty, sturdy, and well designed. Although they are solid wood with an oak veneer, its not that papery veneer most often found covering up mdf on affordable furniture items. The shelves are deep and substantial, and the grain on the back matches up really well. For build it yourself furniture, this piece is really well thought out. I will enjoy looking at the shelves as much as I do my favorite books it will hold!
Even Charlie was excited after putting it together. He started trying out different displays on it (we both have old typewriters we can't part with) and then out of the blue stated one shelf needed a vase with some type of dried branches. He had a particular branch in mind. This coming from my man, who doesn't mind wearing plaid pants with Hawaiian shirts. I think we've entered a whole new era.
Oh yeah! Many thanks to Love2Learn for the philosophical reminder from Willam Morris.

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