Character Versus Culture Clash

They might call a printed piece of fabric stretched on a frame "art," but its not. Don't fall for it.

$40--Urban Outfitters
Same goes for all the art prints at big box retail chains.
I'm thinking I'd take my $40 and invest it in a piece that has a little history behind it, an artists name I can reference, and the joy of a handmade work of art. Yes, there were some hands involved in this Eiffel Tower production, and of course, someone has to design it. But you'll never know how much, if any, affection and reflection was poured into it, and if those hands were part of an assembly line in a third world country.

So, all cynicism aside, how does one begin investing in art? My collection started with my peers in art school, when we all turned out work for grades and wanted nothing to do with it once the class was passed and the grades were given. So far my collection has been built on trades and freebies resulting from art envy and self-induced pity parties.

Now that school is out and I'm working, I can put a bit into my "collection." For me , one of the greatest joys I have is looking at a piece of work critically (which doesn't equate to negatively) and admiring all of the unique qualities said items hold. Personally, I am thinking Cricket Press is a great place to start looking for the goods. $40 will get you a print and a frame, sometimes 2 prints, sometimes more! All of the images are designed and printed by Brian and Sara Turner, and are of fairly small editions. The colors are magnetic, the prints are sizable enough to savor, and though they stir the imagination, they aren't so overly narrative they end up being reminiscent of a children's book. They are sophisticated and they are artful. There is a great selection of fliers for bands, a lot of them I recognize and enjoy. There are also non-text art prints, but there is nothing wrong with a little writing on the walls. I can't help but think what a beautiful wedding present one of these prints would make. I also can't help but think how beautiful they would look in my house!

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