Married Now! More to Do for both me and you!

After all was said and done, I caved. I am now a married woman. Its not bad to be married, just that the politics of the US are a little sticky to me. and, well, i found the best man in the world to join me from here on out. (Well I have been for a couple of weeks, but after the public, more spiritual ceremony I actually feel married.)

So now I can pack away my $1 hot glue gun, glitter, feathers and other shiny crafty goods and get back to more meaningful activities such as planning gardens and making art.

I am working on quilts (as I have been for about 4 years now) and there are 2 that have become "due" to be finished. Hopefully soon! I am not entirely happy with simply quilting. Its so traditional and I feel like it is missing the conceptual process I usually imbed in my work. While I enjoy repetitive activities, there needs to be more or it simply remains craft. Even if it is well-made, craft isn't satisfying enough.

It will, however, be a great feeling to hop back on a loom and weave. And I have plans for using origami in a new quilt. But everywhere I look on the web there are conceptual fiber artists who really do things well, so I don't feel like I am adding anything to the field. That probably means it is time to really challenge myself again.

Speaking of which, now I can start making art for my gumball machines. if you are reading this and want to contribute to one, there are three different sizes of machines (all dispense items under 1 inch diameter) and each piece will be sold for a quarter. not a lot of money to be made, but maybe fun and challenging.


sHandke ART said...

I really enjoy the idea of a gumball machine that dispenses artwork. Maybe I can come up with something. I'll be brainstorming.

sHandke ART said...

I wanted to let you know about an opportunity that I'm particpating in which may be interesting to you! It's called the Human Pixel Project. Check it out, and see if you'd like to participate, too.