The other day M asked if we could buy food for "the men with signs". How could I say no?  Off we went to a big box store so we could get groceries and socks. Now I know I talk a lot about quality of food here, preach about organic food and all that, but I wanted to get as much food as possible so we could give a few people meals. I also wanted to be mindful of any issues that could be caused by the stress of living on the street. For some reason we tend to forget that the hungry are also human and could have food sensitivities like peanut allergies or stomach ulcers. It's hard to explain to a 4 year old why the hungry man on the side of the road turns down a juicy orange, but he has his reasons and it's probably not because he's begging and choosing.

By the way, we also bought food for women with signs.

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ashley said...

Love this. Where do you find the blankets you mentioned?