Morning rituals brightened by a freshly cleaned stove and new drip pans for the eyes. 

Heavy duty kitchen cleaning means re-waxing the kitchen counter tops. Giving the counters a beautiful glow and the faintest smell of honey.

Little interludes of cartoons plus an in-process slip cover for the couch from some fabric I bought for who knows what reason. 

What a nice weekend. How was yours?


Misti said...

Ugh, I hate drip pans! I hate having to clean them, they are incredibly frustrating. I loved having our gas stove and not having to deal with them.

ashley said...

Your new drip pans *are* nice -- I've never seen dark ones like these. Genius! Looks like they would mask the crusty dark spots much better than stainless steel.

Misti, you probably already know this, but I discovered oven cleaner helps get the stubborn stuff off *much* more easily. Just spray them and let them sit for a few minutes before wiping, and it's a cinch. Or you can always do the lovely tin-foil look, which is what I've resorted to. :(