Today is a Petals and Pedals kinda day. Come say hi! Hi-C and I are planning an overnight camping trip while M stays with her Nana (hi Nana Beck!). C plans on fishing while I'm going to bring some reading to while the time away. The overuse of the word "plan" is due to the thunderstorm forecast.

Rain or not, it's Friday and I'm ready for another edition of the familiar feelings of an all-too-short weekend. Some interesting tidbits to think about as you enter the weekend:

The idea of using dirty diapers for food production might not sit well for some, but I think this article is pretty thought provoking. We can sit on mountains of trash or we can rethink it.

There was a giant bust at a puppy mill this week. The owner was an animal hoarder with somewhere between 200 and 300 geese, ducks, rabbits, and chickens. Carolina Waterfowl Rescue took these animals (I'm not sure what happened to the puppies) and are taking care of the birds and adopting them out; area rabbit rescues are taking the rabbits to adopt out. At this critical time especially, a small donation can go a long way. A lot of the animals were sick or starving and needed vet attention.

M and I took 50 pounds of layer mash, 50 pounds of rabbit food, 2 kiddie pools, and 2 small waterers to them yesterday. It was amazing to see all the birds waddling around, quacking happily among each other. Of course, since M has learned the word "bird" she takes every opportunity to use it, so she was also quite happily diaper-waddling around repeating bird several times for each bird she saw.

And no. We're not getting any more animals. We're maxed out on the pets for a good long time. 

A few of us from permie camp got together and decided to start a memorial scholarship to the Koinonia Permaculture Design School in memory of Liam.

I hope your weekend is filled with goodness--goodness for yourself, for the land, and for others. Have a peaceful and joyous heart and I'll meet ya back here on Monday!

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Ashley said...

Glad the story about all the animals had a happy ending! (Sadly I get the reason why people have puppy mills -- profit -- but what's the point of animal hoarding if you're just keeping them but not really taking care of them?) Anyway I'm sure the rescuers were glad to see you coming with all that food and the pools! Little M sure has a couple of good examples to look up to. :)