Hmm, I've been looking through the archives to see if I could find a picture of our cabinet knob that we used for the bathroom closet. I can't find one so maybe I just haven't shown it before. I know, I know, I'm holding out on you guys.

Anyway, it was a pretty glass sphere, similar to the one shown, and if you've already read the text on the image below you already know it broke. I thought about gluing it back together (the glass popped off the base, no biggie) but decided to do something a little more unique for the door pull.

Click on the image to see it bigger if you can't read the instructions.

Since we're off the TV for a while, we sat around last night practicing monkey fist heaving knots. A few knots in and Charlie tied one that looked good enough to use. I might invest in a $2 brushed bronze backplate from the hardware store, I might not...haven't fully decided yet. In the meantime I'm pretty giddy about our new (cheap!) knob.

Simply slide one end through a drilled hole, knot it firmly against the back side of the drawer/door and you've got yourself a cheap and stylin' knob!

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