Michelle Smith put a page together in the IndieNC shop to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Raleigh. The tornadoes that touched down sure did a number on Raleigh. Check out the shop here.

And for news around Sneakville. . .

Here are a couple pics from the most recent crop of pinhole cameras. They aren't in the shop yet, but will be soon. If you're interested in one, use the contact me button and send me a note and we'll set one aside for you!

These will take roll film so you can drop it off at the 1 hour lab if you don't have a dark room. This particular roll of film was well past expired, so the colors are a bit funky, but I like it that way. The images are so dreamy, ethereal, and they even make our old lawnmower look interesting!

Did everyone make it through tax day okay?

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